World Red Cross Day

World Red Cross Day

World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day

World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day with the joint effort of Green Africa Global Foundation was celebrated by Iran Red Crescent Kenya in Kawangware slum area in Nairobi, Kenya .In these regard two workshops were held for the children and their mothers.


Mothers were counseled on proper preparation of their bodies before conception in order to carry a healthy pregnancy.

This included proper pre-conception nutrition to ensure that the mother has good nutritional status. The importance of child spacing and proper use of contraceptives as directed by a physician was also mentioned.

During Pregnancy

In this regard, it was emphasized that this stage it is very important to start anti-natal clinic as soon as one realizes they are pregnant. Mothers were encouraged to attend at least 4 clinic visits in their pregnancy so as to ensure they deliver healthy babies without complications.

During Birth

Mothers were encouraged to plan for birthing process in advance i.e to identify a birth partner and to also identify a facility they can deliver at.
They were highly discouraged to give birth at home as some problems may result.

After Birth

Proper care of the mother and the baby after birth was advised .Mothers were advised to practice exclusive breastfeeding until the baby is at 6months of age.

Mothers were also encouraged to eat healthy foods which would facilitate good health on them and their babies.

Mothers were educated about all the vaccines and immunizations that children are currently getting. They were advised to always ask questions whenever they take their children to the health facilities.

Mothers were counseled on personal hygiene and its importance. This was inclusive of general body cleanliness, good grooming and also environmental cleanliness.

Hand washing was tackled as an important aspect of personal Hygiene. Instances that are critical for hand washing include:

  • After visiting the toilet
  • Before eating
  • Before preparing meals
  • After changing a baby’s nappy/diaper

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