Health Camp

Health Camp

Health Camp

Empowering Children through “Green” Education

Iran Medical Clinics in Kenya which is under red crescent society with the joint effort of Green Africa Global Foundation held free health camp in various schools. In this program Iran medical clinics with their professional experts held a training about health and environmental issues. It mainly targeted the students and it mainly involved administering de-worming medicine and educating the students on the importance of sanitation. The team from Iran medical clinic comprised of a medical doctor and three nurses. The education they provided was quite helpful to the students. This is because the students live in an environment that is polluted and as such they are prone to getting sick often.

Most of the students acknowledged the fact that they had not been received de-worming medicine for quite a long time going as back two to three years. This step therefore to give them this important medication was a commendable step so as to boost the health of the learners. The students were educated on how to practice hygienic good practices both at home and at school.

The students were encouraged to ensure they use washrooms appropriately and ensure they wash hands immediately after visiting the washroom. It was also very important for the students to ensure they clean their hands before eating and also wash thoroughly any fruit before they eat. All cooked food should be covered well so that they prevent any possibility of an infection that may be spread by flies.


All human beings are equal

Dr.Abdolreza Shahrezaee director of Iran Medical Clinics in Kenya attended to some of the children with skin diseases and supported them to get free consultation and treatment from the Iran medical clinic. He made arrangements for the students with skin disease and those who need special treatment to visit the clinic and get free services.

In this program Dr.” Abdolreza Shahrezaee” Iran Medical Clinics Director , explained that worms are a common but avoidable occurrence. They are often caused by drinking dirty water, refusing to wash hands before eating and after visiting the toilet, placing dirty hands in the mouth and eating contaminated foods.

He mentioned these poor health practices are leading to many deaths because if the effects are not realized early enough, then one can eventually die. According to WHO report, 844 million people lack even a basic drinking-water service, including 159 million people who are dependent on surface water.
He added Globally, at least 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with feces. Contaminated water can transmit diseases such diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio. Contaminated drinking water is estimated to cause 502 000 diarrhea deaths each year.

Dr . Shahrezaee about the measures and solutions of preventing worms include, drinking clean water said, this can be done by using water treatment methods such as boiling, use of water guard and aqua guard, distillation, washing hands before eating and after visiting the toilets.

Promoting Human Dignity through Medical Care

IR.Iran Red Crescent Society in Kenya distributed almost one thousands deworming tablets to all the children and explained what parasites are.

Lyssah Wambui from IR.Iran Red Crescent Society in Kenya explained also there are small or big parasites that their ova are found in Food, fruits , vegetables, and water. When they are not thoroughly cleaned and they enter the intestinal system and other body systems where a diseases, wasting and malaise in the human body .Worms are one example of parasite.

Hamideh Hashemi from Green Africa Global Foundation also explained about the importance of avoiding to stay close, or to touch sewage and garbage . She added Disease-causing germs can be spread from garbage if it is not disposed of properly or if people do not practice proper toilet hygiene (cleanliness). If a sewage drainage system is not properly maintained it will not be able to get rid of the sewage safely. For a sewage system to be properly maintained, all faulty like blocked, damaged, broken or worn-out) parts must be mended as soon as possible after they stop working correctly

  1. Kanyorosha Primary School
  2. Five Star Primary School
  3. Love Community School
  4. Nimland School
  5. Dagoretti Muslim Primary School

Training materials about health care and sanitation

IR.Iran Red Crescent Society in Kenya with Green Africa Global Foundation prepared posters about health care and put on the walls of the classrooms. Students can transfer their knowledge into positive environmental actions in their own schools and communities.

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