Hot Meals for Kids

Hot Meals for Kids

Hot meals for street children

Supporting street children and protecting them from violence, exploitation, and abuse should be done without thinking. Yet, according to UNICEF reports, millions of children worldwide – from all socio-economic backgrounds, across all ages, religions, and cultures – suffer every day.

Green Africa Global Foundation making an impact by providing warm food and fresh fruits every Friday for street children in different slum areas such as Kawangware , Kosovo , Kariobangi, Sweto , Kabiro.

Our Organization’s main objective is to promote sustainable development, environmental conservation, culture, promoting health and well-being, access to education for this targeted group in communities within Kenya. We carry out this objective by:

  • Initiating a sense of Environmental Conservation amongst the children with the hope that this is reflected in the overall betterment of the community.
  • Educating the children of their self-worth and how they can protect themselves. This ensures that they are able to reject harmful practices such as drugs, abuse or violence.
  • Providing health care and the basic survival needs for the children.
  • Fostering a family driven/centered development approach.
  • Empowering the intellectual capabilities of the children.
  • Engaging them with community projects to teach them kindle a community spirit.
  • Doing some sports and physical activities with them to give them hope and encouragement.