Visiting Hospital Patients

Visiting Hospital Patients

Donating toys, gifts and fruit to patients in hospitals.

Visiting Patients in Hospital

Whilst working among the community in various villages around Dagoretti, we learnt about numerous patients who were ill and in most cases alone. This motivated us to start a new project, where we would visit patients in Government Hospitals or those who were all alone in their homes. During our visits we bring Milk, Fruits, Flowers, Biscuits, Stationery, and any other small items that would tempt these patients to laugh and smile for a little while. The family at Green Africa also make an effort to sing and dance with them.

Seeing their faces light up with joy brought us such satisfaction and happiness. Most of the patients were alone and had no visitors who came in to visit them, therefore our visits must have meant a great deal for them. They felt excited, motivated and hopeful that there are people who still care for them, and that is such an essential step in the healing process.

Research shows that during the course of illness, belief and expectation (two mental states associated with hope) have an impact on the nervous system which, in turn, sets off a chain reaction that makes improvement and recovery more likely, even though it is a placebo effect. Further research showed that there are 5 pathways to healing through hope:

  • Maintaining identity by continuing to participate in activities and relationships that help patients retain a sense of self outside diagnosis and treatment.
  • Realizing community through formal and informal connections that help patients understand they are not alone in living with disease. This community is made real through conversation, visitation, consultation and participation in daily activities.
  • Claiming power by taking an active role in treatment by setting goals, self-advocating, monitoring and maintaining one’s own health.
  • Attending to spirituality, activated through religious, spiritual and other contemplative practices.
  • Developing wisdom, which involves both gaining pragmatic, medical wisdom derived from one’s own experience and finding ways to “give back.”

(Source: CNN Health)

We try out best to positively impact the wellbeing of the society in the villages we work in. In certain cases, these patients who are in hospital for treatment are unable to clear their medical bills. On the other had there are people who are afraid to seek professional help due to the high charges. In that past, thanks to the generous donations, we have helped to cater for medical bills. This way, people get the treatment they need, and as a result there is a new-found buzz of excitement amongst the community members.

All of your donations are generously accepted and go a long way in improving lives.

Green Africa Global Foundation standing outside a hospital with food and toys.
Donating toys, gifts and fruit to patients in hospitals.