1000 Tree Planting

1000 Tree Planting

Poster for tree planting event

1000 Tree Planting Campaign

Karura Forest

March 2022

Green Africa Global Foundation is a non-profit NGO and a community-based organization. In a nutshell, we gather resources and distribute them amongst the vulnerable families in the community and hope to restore confidence, education, morals, and support to the people desperate of these abstracts mentioned. Moreover ,to protect and to conserve the environment in Kenya.

We have decided to take a new progressive step into contributing to the long-term wellness of nature and composition of the air by allocating a proportion of our resources towards tree planting and reforestation. We find this step to be of utmost importance taking into perspective the current detrimental effects of global warming . Tree planting is a tool used to combat global warming, air purification, future nature sustainability, random and dynamic climate changes.

According to the report of the university of south pacific, the issues Kenya is facing are a rising trend of increasing temperatures, rainfall patterns have changed as long rainy seasons have become shorter and dryer and short rainy seasons have become longer and wetter. Tree planting is a sustainable measure to keep this under control.

Global, as our name suggests, we have taken an initiative to expand our reach and make a bigger impact to the society. Taking into consideration statistical data which shows an upward trend of cumulative carbon dioxide emissions in the past 70 years in Kenya , we have developed a project which if successful, will lead to a beneficent improvement to the current CO2 emissions rate, improve oxygen production rate, mitigate drastic and extreme climate changes, protect the eco system and finally, protect the earth from global warming. (Based on our world in data website)

Details of the project:

Goal: To plant 1000 trees over the month of March

Venue: Karura Forest, Gate A, Main entry off Limuru Road across from the Belgian Embassy (Road access to KFEET)

Mission:  Plant 50 trees a day with participation of the school students

Duration: 30-day plan for the month of March

Beneficial expectations: Annual generation of 118,000 kg of Oxygen sufficient for 2000 people and absorption of 21,000 kg of CO2 annually based on Econ Academy)

Site details: Approximately 170 sqm, with a steep slope, area A55.

Education trip: To learn about the importance of tree planting and forest conservation